Why Choose Us


We combine the best attributes of an energy efficiency consultant, a distribution company, an ESCO, a project manager, and a finance company, but we let you, the end user, retain the energy savings.

  • Unlike many competitors we can specify quality products from over 300 different manufacturers. Other companies that offer financing may be doing so in order to promote a particular brand, and have one company, or at most a handful of companies, from which they specify products. Projects with other companies may therefore use the lighting products that benefit the provider most. When working with WATT NOT, the products will be selected to bring the most benefit to the customer.
  • We will work with a combination of LED, fluorescent and other traditional technologies. We are source agnostic to get the best efficiency and quality for each particular application.
  • We will add a control solution if it will contribute meaningful energy savings, and will not if it doesn’t make financial sense.
  • Our LED assessment tools for evaluating manufacturer and product quality are exceptional. If a product doesn’t pass Wiedenbach Brown’s  testing protocols, or is not the best solution for a given application, we do not specify it. Period.
  • Unlike an ESCO, the end user retains 100% of the savings.
  • We can offer the finance programs of several different equipment leasing and finance companies, not just one.

Financing Solution:

WATT NOT works with a number of financing companies, to ensure the most appropriate, competitive solution is offered to the client.

We will be be transparent with our calculations and will work with our customers to create a payment schedule that works. We are not performance contractors. We do not keep a portion of the energy savings for ourselves.