Watt We Do

Watt Not is a sustainable lighting consultancy that works to remove the barriers to deployment of energy efficiency lighting technology. One of these barriers is the technology risk that is part of any new rapidly advancing technology. Another is the high first cost of energy efficient lighting systems.

Watt Not assists its clients by assessing the quality of new technology for LED lighting and lighting controls. With many new entrants manufacturing LED lighting, the differentiation of product quality is very difficult for an end user to ascertain. We examine the performance metrics of the products as well as the manufacturing/outsourcing issues which affect the quality of the plastics, glues, aluminum, capacitors, and circuit boards. As many as five factories are often churning out the components of identically labeled product. Infrastructure to service clients’ distribution, lead-time and warranties also vary and can be as important as technology. We take equipment apart to make sure the parts used will perform as rated. We balance the technology, QC, infrastructure, safety and labor issues involved in the decision, defying simple answers in favor of more complex analyses of products.

Concerning the relatively high first cost of an LED installation, we can perform a Life Cycle Analysis that identifies the ROI, IRR and simple payback for a recommended lighting system. Unlike an ESCO, our program allows you, the client, not us, to keep your energy savings. Watt Not can audit, specify, and provide new energy efficient lighting at NO INITIAL COST to the end user. By using a financing mechanism, the Client/Owner pays nothing up front for the lighting products. We help to arrange financing with a third party finance company. Monthly lease payments can usually be structured to be less than the new energy savings. That new stream of savings is used to pay for the lease. Customers continue to pay their own utility bill.

Who we are?

We are successful, experienced, common sense lighting and energy industry veterans, specializing in the New York area market. The depth of our contacts in the world of energy efficiency products and providers, enables us to put our end users in touch with the best energy efficiency resources available through our sister company, Build Efficiently LLC.

How it works?

Watt Not will audit the existing conditions, perform a Life Cycle Analysis and then offer a menu of services including relamping only, assessing the quality of available products, and providing new luminaires, new controls, and a financing option. If desired, we can work with one of our preferred leasing companies to tailor a leasing program to work with our customer’s monthly budget. We can also file for applicable rebates. See our menu of services.

Why it’s different?

We will provide high efficiency, very low maintenance, sustainable lighting systems at no initial cost. We will supply only products that meet our high standards of excellence from a number of reliable, established manufacturers. We aim for no CAPEX, reduced OPEX, better quality lighting and improved facility appearance. You get to keep all of your energy savings.

Watt next?

Contact us to have Watt Not perform a preliminary facility survey to determine project feasibility. If project goals are achievable, Watt Not will do a complete facility audit, create the product specifications, and negotiate a financing package.